Motorcycle Battery Model Names Explained

Written by Dean C

Example: YTX9-BS


These letters represent the manufacturer and the performance of the battery. The first two letters indicate the manufacturer and the X or sometimes Z indicates that the battery is a higher performance.

Most common are CT, GT and YT.


This number indicates performance level and output of the battery. As expected the higher the number the higher the output and the stronger the battery. Usually ranges from 9 - 16


The BS means Bottle Supplied and basically means that the battery and acid are shipped separately so you will need to pour the fluid into the dry battery and snap the cap on. The alternative is S which means it is factory sealed and ready to go


Just to be confusing, different manufactures may sometimes use similar lettering systems to mean different things. However there usually is a description with the battery to confirm things such as if battery is sealed or not, Wet or Gel and other specifications. Failing that you can always identify your battery with the code that is already on it to get it replaced like for like.

Gel vs. Wet

Differences between the two (source):

Requires stabilised, regulated charging system Conventional charging system OK
More expensive Less expensive
Maintenance free, may operate in any position Requires maintenance (water) upright operation only
Slightly higher Floating Charge Voltage than wet Slightly lower FLoating Charge Voltage than Gel
Slightly lower Cycle Charging Voltage than wet Slightly higher Cycle Charging Voltage than Gel
Does not deliver high CCA; better suited for long duration discharges Delivers high CCA and can deliver long duration discharges
Lower capacities given dimensions Better capacities given dimensions
Slightly less AH per pound than wet Excellent AH per pound
Less ability to dissipate heat Excellent ability to dissipate heat