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Clearance and bargain items will be listed here. If you have something you think would be useful at a bargain price contact us to get it listed for you.

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Items for Sale

Postage applies depending on your quantity and location. Prices are final as they are listed at cost to members of the website of facebook group

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Contact Item Image Description Price
Enquire Black Workers Gloves Black Size 10 Rubber Workers Gloves £0.50
Enquire Builders Rubber Gloves Orange Size 10 Builders Rubber Gloves £0.50
Enquire Retractable Hose 30FT Retractable Air Hose Reel £31.99
Enquire Alarmed Chain Chain With Lock & Alarm
Enquire 3 Piece Wire Brush 9" - 3 Piece Wire Brush
(Stainless, Nylon, Brass)
Enquire 4" Magnetic Tray Stainless Steel 4" Magnetic Tray with rubber bottom £0.99
Enquire Heavy Duty Ratchet Strap Heavy Duty Single Ratchet and Strap
50mm x 5M
Enquire 2 x Ratchet Straps 2 x Ratchet and Strap
25mm x 5M - 250N
Enquire 14 LED torch 14 LED Torch with lanyard £1.99
Enquire Part Worn Supercorsas Part Worn Supercorsa, occasionally available, usually only been through one heat cycle.

Rear: 180/55/17 or 180/60/17 SC2
Front: 120/70/17 SC1